Final Cleaning

1.Sydney CDC offers and allowed for all areas to be revisited as per initial clean.

2.Sydney CDC offers and allowed to clean all floor areas including: Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas including inside joinery cupboards. Scrub & mop all tiled areas including balconies. Remove & dispose of all carpet protection including all protection fixings, staples, tracks etc. CDC make sure allow for spot cleaning to carpet. CDC ensures carpet is not damaged while cleaning tiled areas. Allow to clean angles between tiles and carpet areas.

3.Sydney CDC offers to clean all internal areas including: Dust and damp wipe clean all joinery items inside and out. Dust and damp wipe clean all doorframes, window frames, mirrors and adjacent surfaces, skirtings, sills and the like.

4.Sydney CDC offers to clean all Kitchens, Laundries, Bathrooms andEnsuites including: Dust, wash & clean benchtops, splashbacks, internal and external of cupboards, door hardware and the like. Damp clean all electrical appliances. All stainless steel to be cleaned and polished using water displacement fluid. Mop clean all wet area floor surfaces. Wash clean toilet, toilet seats, cisterns, hand basins and bathtubs using germicidal liquid. Wash clean all kitchen, bathroom, ensuite and laundry tiles, stone benchtops and the like. Clean and polish all chrome and stainless steel fittings in kitchens and bathrooms. All joints in tiles to be left free of dust, grime and dirt. Wash and clean down shower screens.CDC would not use abrasive detergent that can damage tapware and toilet accessories.

5.Sydney CDC offers to clean all joinery including:Dust and clean all joinery items inside and out including but not limited to media desks; store cupboards; linen cupboards; robes; mirrored doors, mirrors and laundry benches.

6.Sydney CDC offers to clean all common areas including: Complete cleaning of residential lobbies, entries, WC’s, lifts, stairwells, plantrooms, storerooms, garbage rooms and services cupboards. Dust and damp clean all door and surrounds, electrical fittings, skirting boards and door hardware and the like. Thoroughly vacuum floors in service cupboards. Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas. Scrub and clean entry tiles. Clean fire stairs, damp clean all fire stair balustrades, remove all mortar, concrete, paint, stickers, markings and the like from sides of stair stringers. Clean walls of all construction markings (eg spray paint, crayon & pencil markings). Allow for water pressure cleaning of all exposed blockwork and off form concrete.Allow to clean all roof areas including but not limited to; A/C enclosures, lift overruns, access hatches, access points and the like.

7.Sydney CDC offers to clean all external areas including: Clean balcony floor finish, walls, columns, soffits, louvres, privacy screens, sunhoods, sliding louvre screens and tracks, balustrades & privacy screens including light fittings and switches. Allow to scrub & clean all external tiles & pavers.

8.Sydney CDC offers to clean all glass internal & external: Vacuum and clean all window frames and balustrades. Wash and cleaninternal and external aluminium doorframes, aluminium window frames, runners, balustrades and the like.

9.Sydney CDC offers to clean all lifts including: Remove all lift protection, vacuum and scrub clean door tracks. Wipe clean architraves. Clean stainless steel fixtures using a water displacement fluid. Wipe clean all internal panels. Vacuum and mop floor as required. Polish mirrors frames and colourback glass to full height to a first class finish.

10.CDC remove plaster, mortar, paint specks and the like from finished surfaces.

11.CDC has allowed to clean bin rooms, substation, pumps rooms etc.

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