Initial Cleaning

1.Sydney CDC offers to clean all apartments and common areas including: Scraping all floors free from mortar droppings, concrete spillage and other protrusions compromising floor finishes. Clean all floors including vacuum (prior to carpet), fixture, light fittings, switches to living, dining, bedrooms robes and cupboards. Clean all skirtings, sills, grills and the entire apartment generally. Dust and clean all joinery items inside and out including but not limited to media desks; store cupboards; linen cupboards; robes; mirrored doors, mirrors and laundry benches

2.Sydney CDC offers to clean all kitchens, bathrooms & ensuites including: Vacuum all edges and internal kitchen and bathroom cupboards. Dust and clean benchtops, splashbacks, internal and external kitchen and bathroom cupboards, mirrors, door hardware and the like. Wash clean toilets, toilet seats & cisterns, hand basins and bathtubs using germicidal liquid. Wash clean all kitchen, bathroom and laundry ceramic tiles and stone benchtops. Clean and polish all chrome and stainless steel fittings in kitchens and bathrooms. All joints in tiles will be left free of dust, grime and dirt.CDC clean all tiling angles & thresholds. CDC wash and clean down shower screens, remove all stickers, labels and construction markings off PC’s and joinery. All tiles will be left free of dust, residue or film will be ready for silicone works.

3.Sydney CDC offers to clean all Common Areas including: Complete cleaning of common lobbies, entries, lifts, residential storerooms, garbage rooms, services cupboards and the like. Dust and damp clean all doors and surrounds, electrical fittings, skirting boards and door hardware and the like. Scrape floors free from mortar droppings, concrete spillage and other protrusions compromising floor finishes. Thoroughly vacuum floors in service cupboards. Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas. Scrub and clean all entry tiles. CDC clean stainless steel appliances with an approved water displacement fluid.

4.Sydney CDC offers of all external areas & façade including: Wash clean all tiles, louvres, privacy screens, balustrades, external glass, paving / tiling and the like. CDC will make sure all tiles to be left free of dust, dirt & grime. Clean walls, soffits, light fittings and switches. Façade to be cleaned in conjunction with scaffold removal. CDC use a site method (water jet or hand cleaning etc.)

5.Prior to cleaning glass –CDC remove all window and balustrade protection. Glass panels CDC inspect from scratches by representatives from cleaner, All defects will be noted by CDC and catalogued . During our site inspection, if the glass protection has already been removed, the glazing has NO protection on any of the windows, frames. Sydney CDC will not be responsible for existing damage.

6.Note; Windows were installed prior to glazing trades, hence causing severe damages due to Cement products used by Bricklayers and Renders. Sydney CDC cleaners cannot repair building damages that have occurred they can only clean the problem area and make the residential units presentable.

7.CDC remove all protection and rubbish from the apartments at the completion of each day.

8.CDC vacuum and clean all window frames and balustrades. Wash, clean and remove any protective coatings & cement fragments from internal and external aluminium doorframes, aluminium window frames, runners, balustrades and the like.

9.Windows and glazing accessible from the scaffold only to be cleaned ahead of the apartments when stripping scaffold.

10.CDC remove plaster, mortar, paint specks and the like from finished surfaces.

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